The Uber Freight app is driving into Canada, Netflix wants to speed up its shows because people are impatient, and underperforming iPhone sales aren’t bothering Apple.

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Causing a stir on LinkedIn is an announcement that could disrupt the country’s $68-billion trucking market amid a growing shortage of drivers. Uber Freight has arrived in Canada. Similar to its other services, Uber Freight connects available truckers with shippers looking to transport freight. Until now, this process was traditionally fulfilled by freight brokerages. Some 500,000 American drivers have signed up for Uber Freight. It’s unclear how many Canadian drivers and shippers are involved in its launch.

Want to speed up the things you do on your leisure time? Like stream tv shows? Netflix has something for you. A small test allowing select Netflix subscribers to change the speed of video content has launched social media into a frenzy about the platform’s impact on artistic control. Filmmakers are saying a variable playback feature will destroy the presentation of their work. Netflix says it has no plans for a mass-market rollout, a lot of people are wondering how the company can balance its relationships with both filmmakers and the streaming audience that’s asking for these types of features.

And lastly, everyone is talking about how Apple’s wearables, such as its AirPods, gave Apple a big boost in the fourth quarter of 2019 which was full of other declines for the company. The company was helped by a 54 percent jump in wearables income, as well as an 18 per cent sales rise in services like apps, subscriptions and mobile payments. Profit fell 3 per cent to $13.70 billion, however, marking a fourth consecutive quarter of declines.

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