Hashtag Trending Sep. 25th-Cloud more accessible to SMBs due to falling costs; Forty-five per cent of Grindr’s employees quit due to RTO mandate; AI to improve productivity by 50 per cent

Forget shadow IT, it’s now shadow HR that IT is using to try to solve chronic skills shortages. Forty-five per cent of Grindr’s employees quit rather than return to the office. AWS goes after the SMB market — more from the X files. 

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I’m your host Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and Tech News Day in the US.

Cisco has announced its plans to acquire Splunk, a leading name in data observability and security, in a deal valued at approximately $28 billion. This acquisition, Cisco’s largest to date, aims to advance the company’s development of AI-enabled security and observability solutions, focusing not just on threat detection and response but also on threat prediction and prevention. Splunk’s technology assists businesses in monitoring and analyzing their systems for cybersecurity risks. 

Cisco, traditionally known for manufacturing computer networking equipment, seeks to reduce its long-standing reliance on this sector and strengthen its commitment to cybersecurity and AI. The deal is expected to close by the end of Q3 2024, pending regulatory approval and Splunk shareholder consent. 

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, expressed enthusiasm about the combined capabilities of both companies in addressing AI-enabled security and observability.

Source include: Tech Republic

The falling costs of basic cloud services are making scalable solutions more accessible for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), as per a report by IT services and consulting firm Accenture, commissioned by AWS. 

The report indicates that nearly half of all businesses in developed economies are now utilizing the cloud to access tools that were previously exclusive to large corporations. By 2030, cloud adoption is projected to result in annual productivity gains of approximately $80 billion in the U.S. and $161 billion globally, especially in sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture. 

AWS, the largest cloud provider, has been targeting the SMB market, offering competitive pricing and specialized programs. Despite the potential benefits, many SMBs still face challenges in data management and security.

Source include: CIO Dive

Forrester’s 2024 tech leadership predictions emphasize the transformative role of AI in the enterprise. According to their report, AI initiatives are set to enhance productivity and creative problem-solving by 50 per cent across IT operations. Current AI projects have already led to a 40 per cent improvement in software development tasks. Despite the potential economic downturn in 2024, tech spending has consistently outpaced GDP growth. The report also highlights the challenge of talent acquisition in the tech sector. 

Due to the rapid evolution of required skills, 76 per cent of tech leaders report skill gaps in their organizations. To address this, many are turning to “shadow HR” and partnering with external firms. Geopolitical pressures are also influencing global tech operations, with two-thirds of companies expected to adjust their manufacturing footprints.

Source include: Tech Republic 

As companies enforce their return-to-office mandates, a significant number of employees are opting to resign rather than comply. Rowan Rosenthal, a principal product designer at Grindr, faced such a dilemma when the company mandated a return to an office in Los Angeles, despite living near the Brooklyn office. 

This led Rosenthal and about 45 per cent of Grindr’s 178 employees to quit. Companies like Meta, Google, Amazon, and Zoom are tightening their office return policies, asserting that in-person work boosts productivity and collaboration. However, many employees cite reasons such as family commitments, commuting expenses, and relocation requirements for their reluctance. The trend has sparked debates about work flexibility, with some experts warning that rigid policies might risk losing top talent.

Source include: Yahoo News

Following Elon Musk’s announcement to charge all users of X (previously Twitter) a monthly fee, alternative social networking platform Bluesky witnessed a significant spike in usage. This decision, unveiled during a livestream on September 18, was Musk’s strategy to counter the bot issue on X. Musk said that he thought a small payment would be something that bots couldn’t do.

After the announcement, a number of X users migrated to Bluesky, pushing its daily active users to record numbers. By the end of September 19, Bluesky recorded 53,585 new sign-ups, equating to 5 per cent of its 1.13 million total user base. Analytics firm Similarweb validated these figures, highlighting that Bluesky’s Android app registered half a million daily active users on Musk’s announcement day. 

Interestingly, while Bluesky’s growth surged, other Twitter alternatives like Meta’s Threads and Mastodon didn’t experience the same momentum. Threads maintained its 8.3 million daily active users, and Mastodon publicly reported 1.7 million monthly active users. Despite Bluesky’s growth, it remains invite-only, suggesting potential for even greater expansion.

Source include: Tech Crunch

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