Read the fine print before buying this new vehicle, Instagram may face $500 billion in fines, and the elevator debate begins on LinkedIn.

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Before you purchase a GM Super Cruise read the fine print. Looks like the advanced hands-free driving system requires a subscription. It is only free for the first three years after that, you must have an active OnStar account for Super Cruise to continue to work. However, GM told the publication MotorTrend that a CT6’s adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping would work even with an inactive OnStar account. It would not be geofenced or use the driver- monitoring system. Drivers also need to put their hands on the wheel every 15 seconds otherwise it deactivates.

Instagram could face up to $500 billion in fines for an in a class-action lawsuit alleging it illegally collected biometric data. The lawsuit claims that Instagram has a face-tagging tool with facial recognition to identify people and create face templates that are stored in Instagram’s database. Instagram discloses this in its terms of services however, the issue is it automatically scans people’s faces in other users’ posts without an Instagram account and those who don’t agree to the terms of service. In a statement to Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson said Instagram does not use facial recognition in the way Facebook does. Last month, Facebook, Instagram’s parent company — offered $650 million to settle a similar lawsuit alleging that Facebook’s photo-tagging collected biometric data without users’ consent.

We leave you today with one question. Would you use an elevator at work? Office building landlords are working on how many people should be in an elevator at one time, mask rules, button-pressing, talking and even which way riders should face. A recent Axios poll found 63 per cent of respondents say they are not OK with taking an elevator at work, despite social distancing measures.

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