Hashtag Trending June 8 – Apple will change connectors on iPhones in Europe by 2024; Mercedes-Benz vehicle recalls; edit and unsend texts on iMessage

iPhones sold in Europe will have USB-C after 2024, Mercedes-Benz issues a “do not drive notice” for almost one million SUVs and minivans, and iPhone users will finally be able to edit and resend texts.

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That’s all the tech news that’s trending right now, welcome to Hashtag Trending. It’s Wednesday, June 8, and I’m your host, Tom Li.

Apple will have to change the connector on iPhones sold in Europe by 2024 after the European Union agreed on a single mobile charging port for smartphones, tablets and cameras. The European Commission said the move would make life easier for consumers and help save them money. This comes after Apple and other tech companies weren’t able to agree on a common connector. According to a report by ABC News, Brussels has been pushing for a single mobile charging port for over ten years, prompted by complaints from iPhone and Android users about having to switch to different chargers for their devices. iPhones users have to charge from a Lightning cable, while Android-based devices use USB-C connectors. That will all change by Autumn 2024 as USB Type-C will become the universal charging port in EU countries.

Source: ABC

Mercedes-Benz is asking almost one million drivers worldwide to park their vehicles due to a potential for brake failure caused by the corrosion of brake booster components. Mercedes-Benz and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have issued “do not drive” notices for certain SUV and minivan models, instructing owners to park them until the issue is solved. According to the automaker, cars shipped with affected brake boosters can become corroded after extensive exposure to moisture. The corrosion can degrade the internals of the brake booster, forming fractures that leak air into the system and reduce braking power. If enough physical stress is placed on the booster hardware, a catastrophic failure may occur, leading to a complete loss of braking power, AutoBlog reports. The company says early signs of failure include a soft brake pedal or audible signs of air in the braking system.

Source: AutoBlog

Have you ever sent a text message that you wish you could unsend? If so, this might be the kind of news you’ve been waiting to hear. iPhone users will soon be able to edit or undo their iMessages, a feature that was revealed by Apple at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. According to Apple, iOS 16, the latest operating system for iPhones, will see three highly requested features added to iMessage. These include the ability to let users edit a message, unsend a message and allow users to mark a thread or conversation as unread, making it appear as if the messages haven’t been opened yet. These features will only work in text conversations where both parties are using iMessage.

Source: Global News

A crewless ship designed to retrace the path of an English ship from the 1600’s that sailed across the Atlantic ocean has completed its goal. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) completed a 2,700-mile trip from Plymouth in the U.K. to Halifax in Canada over the weekend. The 15-metre-long solar-powered trimaran is capable of travelling at 20 kilometres an hour and is guided by its onboard AI system, created by IBM with six cameras and 50 sensors, BBC reported. The boat was supposed to sail to Massachusetts in the U.S., but was diverted to Canada to investigate issues it had at sea. The ship was created to show just how far technology has advanced over the century.

Source: BBC

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