Huawei says its phones will run Harmony OS in 2021, Federal Court dismisses case from big ISPs, and technology companies are innovating face mask.

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It’s all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Friday, Sept.11, and I’m your host Alex Coop.

No Google? No problem. Huawei today announced that people can expect to see Huawei phones running its homebrewed HarmonyOS in 2021. At its annual Developer Conference, Huawei CEO Richard Yu announced Harmony OS 2.0, and prodded at the idea that maybe it will appear in Huawei phones as early as next year. Huawei has been shut out of the official release of the Android operating system, along with the Google Play Store, after being tacked onto the U.S. Entity list. It has coped through various methods, including promoting its own AppGallery app store. But now, it seems like the Chinese tech giant is shaping up for a full transition away from Google. How will the great tech divide play out? Your guess is as good as ours.

Almost everyone subscribed to an independent internet service provider got served with a pricing increase this year. The reason behind the increased costs is due to the uncertainty surrounding CRTC’s wholesale pricing, which has been hotly debated on whether or not it will be instated and was halted by the Federal Court–until now. Today, the Federal Court dismissed the appeal case from major ISP, meaning that the discussion can now move onto implementing the pricing change and how much the incumbents need to pay retroactively.

Face masks are all the hype right now, and cool designs are surfacing from tech companies. Apple, the company best known for its smartphones and computers, has made a cool new facemask for its retail employees. The mask was designed by its engineering team, and features three layers that can be washed up to five times. Apple isn’t alone in the foray, however, LG has also created its own face mask that has a battery-powered air filter and a changeable mouthpiece.


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