The world’s top two smartphone manufacturers are racing to release foldable smartphones; Amazon suffered a data breach but it won’t say how big; and what is artificial intelligence anyway?

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Trending on Google, the race is on to release foldable smartphones. Samsung showed off its foldable phone concept at its developer conference earlier this month. Now a leak published by SamMobile suggests that device will be coming to market as the Samsung Galaxy F. It will be available worldwide with 512 GB of storage. Other reports out of South Korea indicate that Huawei is trying to beat Samsung to the punch. Apparently, it showed a working device to South Korean carriers. Neither will be the first to market with a foldable device. Royole’s FlexPai is already on sale in China. But Samsung’s reputation for making popular smartphones is more likely to make a splash in North America.

Trending on LinkedIn, Amazon is informing users of a data breach. Amazon is emailing some of its shoppers, saying their names and emails were exposed due to a technical error. They also say the error has been fixed, and there’s no reason for users to change their passwords. We don’t know how many people were affected. Some of those affected posted to LinkedIn complaining about the lack of information. But at least it was quick in informing those affected and made clear what action was or was not required.

Trending on SlideShare, What is artificial intelligence? This slide deck serves as a tutorial for beginners. It includes a 20 minute video in which the first question addressed is “Is artificial intelligence a threat to human beings?”

The educational session continues on and you learn fascinating facts like this: Artificial Intelligence was first coined by Dartmouth College researcher John McCarthy in 1956, when he held the first academic conference on the subject.

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