The New York City Police Department uses facial recognition to find a man who allegedly shouted into a police officer’s ear with a bullhorn, you may soon be able to experience the nostalgia of BlockBuster, and swiping right at work for lunch dates is a thing now.

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NYPD used facial recognition to track down Black Lives Matter activist from technology

The New York City Police Department says it’s used facial recognition to track down a Black Lives Matter activist allegedly shouted into a police officer’s ear with a bullhorn. The mayor says this will help in reassessing standards for using facial recognition especially after conversations have been criticizing technology being used in discriminatory ways. “The NYPD uses facial recognition as a limited investigative tool, comparing a still image from a surveillance video to a pool of lawfully possessed arrest photos,” an NYPD spokesperson told the Verge.

Do you remember the good times of going to Blockbuster? Well, the last one on earth is turning into an Airbnb listing. It is in Bend, Oregon and for a solid four dollars, you can spend the night there. There’s no bed, only a couch and an air mattress. The entire living room set up is also in the centre of the room. Here is a little of what the listing says, “ Cozy up with “new releases” from the ‘90s. Crack open a two-litre of Pepsi before locking into a video game, charting your future in a game of MASH, or watching movie after movie.” Such nostalgia. Blockbuster will only be available on Airbnb for three nights in September.

If you are at work it might be soon time to swipe right. SAP has developed an in-house “Business Tinder” app to pair workers together for lunch dates. Working remotely many single employees are missing social interactions at the office. So companies are getting creative to keep employees interacting. SAP has developed a “Business Tinder” app to pair workers for lunch dates. To keep up morale the company has also arranged virtual barbecues, online wine tastings, fireside chats with experts and group binge-watching.

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