An update on the digital wallets of a cryptocurrency founder who died recently, Elizabeth Warren wants to break up all the tech giants, and a new report from the U.S. Senate says Equifax didn’t do its job when it came to cybersecurity. Shocker.

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Trending on LinkedIn is Fortune’s update to the hoopla surrounding Quadriga, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been unable to account for $136 million in customer funds since its 30-year-old CEO died mysteriously in December. The FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking into the mess, the latest reporting suggests, after Quadriga admitted that the funds had been misplaced. People on Reddit have speculated that Gerald Cotten, the CEO who died, isn’t actually dead, and instead faked the entire chain of events, after Bloomberg reported Cotten’s decided to file a will 12 days before his death,

Reddit is buzzing after Elizabeth Warren released an aggressive plan Friday to break up the big tech players like Google, Amazon and Facebook, effectively sending what she describes as a blow to the Silicon Valley power structure. Warren is targeting companies making $25 billion or more per year and wants to reverse some of their mega-mergers between the likes of Amazon and Whole Foods, for example, as well as Facebook and WhatsApp.

And lastly, while it doesn’t come as much a surprise, a recent report from the U.S. senate has determined that Equifax neglected cybersecurity for years, which ultimately led to 145 million Americans having their personal information exposed in the company’s enormous 2017 data breach. Reporting from Yahoo suggests Equifax let a tool used to monitor for malicious web traffic expire in November 2016. The hackers’ presence in the company’s network, as a result, went undetected in for 78 days, until Equifiax finally told the public.

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