If you care about Canadian mobile pricing at all, then you may want to tune into the CRTC public hearing. Also, mark your calendar for Apple’s budget iPhone launch on March 31st, and keep a lookout for Microsoft’s new Office app for Android.

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Thank you for tuning into Hashtag Trending, it’s Wednesday, February 19th, and I’m your host, Tom Li.

Trending in Canada, the CRTC is holding a hearing to assess the merits of mandated mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, in Canada. If approved, then it would allow for mobile network resellers to rent out a portion of infrastructure from facility-based operators. There are arguments for and against such an action. The CRTC was considering the move to lower prices of mobile plans in Canada, but current facility-based carriers, regional or otherwise, argue that MVNOs could stifle innovation. The public hearing will last for 10 days between Feb 18th to 28th, and you can watch it live through the link in our transcription.

Trending on Google, Apple will be hosting an event on March 31st to launch a new budget iPhone, according to various sources. Recently, there have been talks of the iPhone 9, the successor of the iPhone SE. There may be new iPad Pros and MacBook Pro updates as well, so remember to check the news if you’re on the prowl for a new iOS experience.

Trending on Google, Microsoft has finally rolled all its Android Office apps into one installer. Previously, you’d have to download each app individually, which meant cluttering up your app drawer and can be an annoyance if you’re setting up a new device. Not only does the new Microsoft Office app include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it also includes Office Lens, the image to text scanning app. The new Officeffice app is still being rolled out, so it may not be immediately available for Canadians just yet.

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