Bitcoin prices makes a comeback, massive telecom attack linked to Chinese hackers, Bell increases connection fee.

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Trending on LinkedIn, the volatile value of Bitcoin has risen above $11,000, which is roughly 170 per cent of its value at the beginning of the year. Just this May, Bitcoin’s value saw one of its steepest dips of all time, dropping by $1,700 in a single day. The rise in pricing could be attributed to many factors including Facebook’s recently released Libra cryptocurrency as well as supply constraints.

Trending on Google, the Isreali security firm Cybereason revealed a massive telecom data breach. Dubbed Operation Soft Cell, the attack targeted 10 telecom companies over a span of at least seven years. The hackers, which Cyberreason says are linked to China, stole detailed call information of users and even gained unrestricted access to the domain controller. As the investigation is still on-going, Cybereason warns that an attack of this magnitude could potentially cripple a network’s operation if the attacker chooses to do so.

Lastly, trending on Google, Bell Mobility is raising its connection fee from $35 to $40. A connection fee is a single payment for connecting an existing phone number to Bell’s networks. This $5 increase is the second time the carrier has raised its connection fee within a year. The last increase was in October 2018, also by $5.

Bell raising its wireless connection fee to $40

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