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Do you need help getting a grip on exactly what hosting e-mail is costing your organization? Join us on June 20 at 1:00 PM ET for a #BellBiz Twitter chat about The Real Costs of E-mail.

If you choose to host your corporate e-mail in house, you’ll be putting out a big upfront capital cost to get up and running – but what happens after that? You may be spreading different aspects of delivering that e-mail service across multiple budgets. Line items could appear for power usage, the bandwidth, security requirements, and storage. Determining your costs in this scenario can quickly turn into a cat rodeo.

Opting for cloud e-mail – or e-mail as a service – might help avoid a cat herding situation. Instead, you’ll see a monthly per-user fee as one line on your operating budget.

Join our live #BellBiz Twitter chat on Thursday, June 20th at 1 PM EST. Participating is simple – just follow the #BellBiz hashtag on Twitter or view the live widget below. We look forward to chatting with you.


Our next #BellBiz Twitter chat will discuss how you can begin to determine the true cost of email in your organization. Join us on June 20th at 1 PM EST and we’ll tackle the following questions:

1.  How many emails do you typically send and receive in a day?

2.  What email platform(s) are you running today?

3.  How many resources do you have supporting your email platform(s) today?

4.  Is it a challenge to retain these highly skilled resources in-house?

5.  Have you ever experienced an email outage? What was the impact? And how was it fixed?

6.  Do you get a large volume of spam? How much does it cost you to manage?

7.  Have you had an email security breech in the last 2 years? What was the impact?

8.  Are your costs for storage and data retention escalating year over year?

9.  Who has moved email to a cloud/hosted model vs. running yourself on-premises? Why?

10. Mobile email – are your staff members accessing their email on mobile devices?