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12 Years. TIG looks back on the stories and people that have graced its pages in the past

Cover styles have come and gone, and size and format have varied. Section headings have had to adapt to changing times, but its editorial focus has remained the same. In the following pages,

Published on: December 14th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Quebec supplier gets blood pumping with SAS

The cost of implementing an activity-based costing tool: $100,000. The cost of finally being seen as a partner and not just the mean guys in accounting who make your life miserable? Priceless.That could

Published on: December 12th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Cities prepare for post-election IT workloads

Municipal IT departments can plan ahead for many events, but the number of new councillors and their entourage following elections isn't one of them. That means by mid-November every four years, city IT

Published on: December 8th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Statistics Canada makes room for lots more numbers

If data were girth, Statistics Canada would be expanding at an alarming rate. At an average growth of five per cent a month, it was quickly getting to be too big for its

Published on: December 4th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Treasury Board preps response to critical A-G report

Treasury Board Secretariat, once again the target of an Auditor General smackdown, says it will release in the next six months a new policy on project management and a directive on large IT

Published on: November 29th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

ISPs team up to fight child exploitation

It will be harder for Web surfers to accidentally – or otherwise -- stumble upon the worst the Internet has to offer, thanks to an initiative involving and Canada's major ISPs.The initiative,

Published on: November 23rd, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Builders and VisionariesTop 20 Channel ExecutivesDoug Cooper

The face of Intel in Canada for the last 11 years, Doug Cooper believes one of the major milestones in his career is the twice-yearly channel media briefing he and senior staff began.

Published on: November 22nd, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

CIOs prescribe change for e-health providers

The second annual Branham Group Inc. e-health in Canada survey has found that the more things change, the more some things stay the same. The national survey of hospitals, primary and continuing care,

Published on: November 21st, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Canada’s chief architect: This is the IT we’ll buy

OTTAWA -- There are lots of interesting emerging technologies that will probably be commonplace in 2020 – at least in the private sector, said Canada's chief architect. Gary Doucet, who spoke Tuesday on

Published on: October 25th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Treasury Board CIO promises transparency, sharing at GTEC

OTTAWA – After years of focusing on developing online access to applications, the federal government has finally realized superior service to citizens starts with superior service to itself. Ken Cochrane, CIO of the

Published on: October 23rd, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

New federal CIO sees consolidation of IT infrastructure as high priority

But he brings a wealth of experience to the position both from the private sector in the insurance industry, and the public sector. Most recently Cochrane was CEO of the IT branch of

Published on: September 15th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Hydro Quebec bids adieu to old technological Tower of Babel with business services management

Hydro Quebec is pulling the plug on the mishmash of configurations, processes and terminologies that have characterized its IT systems with the deployment of a business services management solution.The software, BMC Atrium CMDB

Published on: September 15th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Whistler deploys new ERP system to ease burden on IT department

At the height of the ski season, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, B.C.'s streets and slopes explode with almost 10,000 second-home owners and another 20,000 visitors, in addition to the 9,500 permanent residents.

Published on: September 15th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Educators examine pros, cons of open source platforms

Perhaps Cranston hasn't heard of Moodle. Moodle - modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment - is an open source software package used by more than four million people in 150 countries. It is designed

Published on: September 15th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Dramatic changes in education

Across Canadian campuses, there is a revolution taking place. And like the song says, this revolution will not be televised.Instead, it will probably be Webcast. High-speed networks and advances in videoconferencing technology will

Published on: September 15th, 2006 Kathleen Sibley