Articles By Grant Buckler

Eye to eye

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, CEOs are from Mercury and CIOs are from Jupiter. There's good news, though: The distance between them is narrowing. Chief executives and chief

Published on: December 3rd, 2002 Grant Buckler

Applications, not $$ the prime driver

When the idea of running voice traffic over data networks using Internet Protocol (IP) first gained attention in the mid-1990s, the usual argument for it was cost savings. Phone calls routed over the

Published on: December 2nd, 2002 Grant Buckler

Law firm works on remote access

For Toronto law firm Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, the goal is simple. All the firm's lawyers should have access to the information they need, wherever they are. The approach the firm has chosen

Published on: November 4th, 2002 Grant Buckler

Frame Relay, ATM alive and kicking

If you believed some predictions, Frame Relay should be dead by now and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) should have one foot in the grave. But rumours of their death have been greatly exaggerated.

Published on: November 1st, 2002 Grant Buckler

Outside the wall

During the dot-com boom, when C-Bridge Internet Solutions' work force was growing at the rate of 100 people a month, well-intentioned customers would offer the company high-speed Internet connections so its staff working

Published on: November 1st, 2002 Grant Buckler

Making the most of your IT Assets

The Peel Regional Police force has 800 desktop computers, 41 servers, 160 laptops and 208 printers. Its systems are mostly running Windows 2000, with a bit of Unix and VMS. Mike Stevenson, enterprise

Published on: October 30th, 2002 Grant Buckler