While Google’s decision to kill Google Reader is drawing online, its decision to launch a web page to help the webmasters of hacked web sites may win the search giant some praise – at least with web masters.

It’s a problem that Google says happens all too often, and webmasters can visit the site to learn about different kinds of attacks, best practices for prevention, and options both for recovery and, once recovered, to get your web page back in the good books of Google and its search rankings.

It also offers a “help for hacked sites” overview video to introduce web masters to the basics, and their options.

It’s certainly in the interests of any small business, even if they don’t have the expertise in house, to know what to be aware of when it comes to the integrity of their corporate web site, and to know some initial steps to take should something bad happen.

Source: Google launches site to help webmasters of hacked sites

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