Unboxing Samsung’s curved business monitor

    Curved monitors might make sense for gamers looking to immerse themselves in a digital world, but is it really necessary for business?

    Samsung seems to think so with its latest addition to its lineup of business monitors. So we’re going to try using the new Curved Monitor and see if it really makes a difference. Here, you can get an early look at the hardware in our unboxing video.

    After ripping apart the styrofoam, we hooked up the monitor for some early first impressions.

    First thing that happens is everyone that walks by your desk will notice your cool new monitor – it’s only a slight curve, but noticeable enough for a bit of a ‘wow factor.’ After a couple hours of using the screen, you really notice the difference when looking back at a normal flat screen. Somehow it’s the flat screen that seems strange by comparison.

    We’re also liking the four USB 3.0 ports on board the monitor, effectively making this a USB hub as well. It’s a bit of bonus functionality and saves us some desk space, which we really need because this 27-inch screen is quite huge.

    We’ll have a full review up soon, so check back here for another video.