The Pitch: AI startups – Blue J Legal predicts legal outcomes

    Blue J Legal account manager Adam Wells explains what his startup does and how it uses AI to solve client problems in six minutes or less at Toronto event IDC Directions 2019.

    The company was built on the idea of bringing absolute clarity to the law and finding unknown patterns in case law, Wells told the crowd. The team is made up of both lawyers and data scientists.

    “To dispel any notions that robots are coming to replace lawyers, we employ them and we support them,” he said.

    The machine learning algorithm reads through the areas of case law that Blue J covers, and then turns them into structured data. It codifies court transcripts into factors that could change a judge’s decision. This allows the software to predict future decisions with 90 per cent accuracy.

    Its clients benefit from bolstered capabilities, maximized consistency, and new standards to embrace.