BlackBerry Ltd. is aiming its device more towards the enterprise, rather than consumers. The question here is, with a lot of employees bringing more devices into the workplace, does BlackBerry’s enterprise strategy hold water?

IT World Canada went to BlackBerry’s launch event in Toronto on Sept. 24, 2014.

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  • twocents

    The question is, why don’t “reporters” do some research. There tons of companies and government agencies that absolutely disallow personal phones, no matter what brand. It is very risky for companies to allow unsecure spy devices with malware onto their networks. Even the “secured” android phone was hacked in minutes. Why don’t you write an article about that? The best option for a personal phone at work is to separate work and personal space like Blackberry has done with Balance.
    As for the Passport, it looks like a great device. I have the Z10 which is fantastic, but would like to see a newer version of the Z10/Z30 style within a year. I can’t wait for BB OS 10.3.1 and Blend!!!

    • Candice So

      Hey twocents, this is Candice, the reporter who covered this story.

      Thanks for your comment. While it is true that some companies and government agencies do ban employees from bringing in personal devices, asking employees to carry two phones, that seems to be less and less true nowadays given mobile devicement management strategies, containerization, etc.

      There are some comments reflecting that perspective from an analyst in this story here –

      If you have any leads reflecting spy devices with malware on their networks, love to hear about them. Thanks.