Pinć, a $99 virtual reality headset, could be your newest office gadget

    There’s a new virtual reality device coming out – but it’s not for gaming.

    This is the new Pinć virtual reality headset. It’s the passion project of Cordon Media, a Toronto-based digital agency that usually works on building apps for other clients.

    It’s made up of a plastic case which goes around the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, with a pair of lenses inside. There are also two “pinchers” made with LED lights and a magnetic latch that turns the lights on and off. Once the user puts the Pinć headset on, the pinchers allow him or her to click, pinch, and zoom in on whatever they see with the headset.

    Right now, this is just a prototype. But the goal is to let users tap into virtual reality for business. Up until this point, most people have thought of virtual reality as something for gamers to use. A good case in point would be the Oculus Rift, probably the most famous virtual reality headset out there.

    But instead of gaming, Pinć wants to be the headset for work and for tasks like viewing documents, creating content, and Photoshopping images. It also wants to push into mobile commerce, allowing shoppers to pick up, say, a pair of shoes and examine them in 3D.

    Pinć will be available for $99 as a pre-order in an Indiegogo campaign, which started November 24.