Lock picking, hacking, and dongles on the Sector show floor

    In years of covering many technology conferences across North America, I have to say there are few exhibitor show floors as interesting as the one put on at Sector.

    Rather than the endless vendor booths looking to draw you in with a bowl of hard candies or a small chance at winning an iPad in a draw, Sector thinks of real ways to engage its audience of IT security professionals. Conference organizers think outside the box in planning for a lock-picking demonstration table where pros teach attendees how easy it can be to crack open a wide variety of different physical locks. This year, a black hat hacking competition was taking place between students and professionals working to crack a virtualized, sand boxed environment.

    And yes, there’s the vendor booths too. Some of them are showing off some pretty cool security hardware though – like an iPad dongle that enables two-factor authentication on the tablet. Take a look at our video to get a feel for what it’s like to be at Toronto’s Sector conference.

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