How To In Windows 10: Use the new Start Menu

    If you missed the Start Menu during the time of Windows 8, good news: it’s back with Windows 10. Just look to that bottom-left corner to find some neat, new features.  The new touch design is still here.

    Let’s have a closer look at some of the features and ways to personalize the new Start Menu.

    Click on the Start Menu and notice the traditional style on the left and the modern style on the right.

    The Settings tab is next – adjust your PC settings here – System Functions, Personalization, Privacy and more.  Very familiar!

    The power button for Sleep, Restart and Shutdown.  

    All Apps, layers over the Start Menu with – you guessed it – all installed and added apps…notice some have drop downs for more options.  

    Right click on the user account name to change account settings, sign out or lock the screen.

    Apps may be conveniently pinned or unpinned to the Task bar when working.

    Personalizing is easy.  Go to Settings, click on Personalization, click on Colours, followed by the area in the preview menu.  With a click choose your colour from the palette.  The colour will appear in the preview screen.  Go to Start Menu to see the colour has changed!  

    The right of Start Menu has two default tile groups – “Life at a Glance” and “Play and Explore” – rename by clicking on the lines to the right.  

    App Tiles move easily with a simple Click and Drag. Hover and right click to re-size.  The live tiles will update dynamically and new information will appear once active.  For example, weather displays the current temperature.