How To In Windows 10: Start up Cortana in Canada

    With the launch by Microsoft Corp. of Windows 10 this summer, it was great news for fans of the software that were, let’s face it, ready for some innovation. One new feature we were looking forward to was Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated assistant. Unfortunately, in Canada it’s not available yet. Oh, Canada!

    Cortana can help you in many useful ways.  Search for files, set personal reminders, or even get a restaurant recommendation. If you want to do this and you’re Canadian, there is a way – by pretending to be American!  

    Turn on Cortana by typing “Cortana” into the search bar next to the Start Menu and you’ll be able to access Cortana and Settings. You’ll see the following message:

    “I’m afraid I’m not available to help in your region.”

    It’s time to trick the AI.  Shhh, she won’t suspect a thing!

    Go to the Control Panel. From there locate Clock, Language and Region. Select United States from the drop down menu. You may also type Region in the search bar to find your region and language settings.  

    A little sneaky perhaps, but it gets the job done. And you don’t even need a fake passport.

    Click the search bar next to the Start Menu and see Cortana activate.

    Keep in mind that changing the country setting may interfere with other regional computer functions, such as local news and weather. It could also prevent you from installing some apps from the Windows Store.

    If you want to be first in line to try the real Canadian Cortana, sign up with Windows Insider from your Microsoft account. The program is expected to be up and running in late summer, according to Microsoft.