How this changeRoom app could eliminate waiting in line to buy clothes

    Online shopping has been around for years, yet many consumers are still buying certain items in old-fashioned bricks and mortar locations.

    Clothing is one of those items that many people want to try on before they put down money. While many retailers have solved this problem by offering you the option of trying on your clothes at home before you pay for them, that still troubles the consumer to box up their ill-fitting garb and ship it back to the source. Toronto-based startup changeRoom has developed an app that solves this problem by approaching it a different way – by bridging the online shopping experience with what you can take in store.

    David Riemer, co-founder at changeRoom, explains how the concept is executed at Dx3. By browsing for the items they want ahead of time online, a shopper can communicate to their closest retail location what they want to try on. The idea is they just have to walk into the store, find the fitting room and try on the items. Thanks to a partnership with Nymi Band, the shopper’s identity is automatically confirmed and they can even choose to pay with a MasterCard without ever having to line up at the till.