Las Vegas — Will a separated Hewlett-Packard Co. be more than the sum of its parts? That’s the question on the minds of many at the vendor’s Global Partner Conference this week.

Effective Nov. 1, HP is set to split into two separate companies, and both will be publicly-traded Fortune 50 giants. HP Enterprise will have the services, software and networking business, while HP Inc. will have the printing and personal systems business.

Company executives say the split will allow each company to make its own strategic bets and its own decisions on research and development investments. There will still be linkage — current HP CEO Meg Whitman will lead HP Enterprise and also serve as chair of HP Inc. And programs are in place to encourage HP’s resellers to keep working with both companies.

What will it mean for HP’s customers though, and what path will HP Inc. chart as a separate company? We put those questions to Jos Brenkel, senior vice-president of worldwide sales strategy and project management office for HP’s printing and personal systems group — soon to be HP Inc.

Learn more in this video interview.

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