Hands on look at HP EliteBook Revolve

    It’s a tablet. No wait, it’s a laptop. No – it’s a desktop.

    It’s the EliteBook Revolve from HP. Think of it as a Windows 8 convertible PC, with a twist.
    Rotate the screen all the way around to share it with colleagues. Fold it down to use it like a tablet.
    The touch screen makes it easy to tap your way around Windows 8. In laptop mode, the track pad also supports multi-touch gestures. They act as shortcuts to get what you want on screen.
    Dock this notebook into its optional station. You’ll get more of a desktop experience. Connect peripherals, a second monitor, and an Ethernet cable.
    HP offers a long line of Windows 8 products. But this device may be its most versatile.
    The EliteBook Revolve has the power of a business-class notebook. There’s an Intel Core processor and HD graphics chip.
    At more than three pounds, it’s a bit heavier than an ultrabook. The extra heft and bulk is added by its docking ability.