Epson launches faster, stronger, better (and less costly) printers

    Epson America Inc. has developed a new type of technology – and it’s rolling it out first to its Workforce line of printers. Branded as “Precision Core technology,” it’s slated to change Epson’s standards for printing speeds and costs.

    “The Precision Core printers use a new printhead design that’s actually designed and manufactured in a silicon wafer, just like you’d build a computer chip,” says Steve Semos, product manager at Epson America. “We were able to get a very close nozzle count of 600 dots per inch. On a single print chip, we have 800 nozzles. And with that, we can vary the size of the droplet, and we can cycle it at very high speeds.”

    That makes the new printers very, very fast, he adds.  His team set up one of the new Workforce printers, putting it in a test against a LaserJet colour 300 multi-function printer. The new printer, equipped with Precision Core technology, churned out three pages when the LaserJet hadn’t even finished printing one. Plus, there’s a 50 per cent cost savings, Semos says.

    For more, hit ‘play’ on the video above.