Elevator Pitch: Modreal – your personal online lookbook

    A startup in the fourth cohort at Toronto-based accelerator Incubes, Modreal is creating a social engagement platform to connect fashions brands with the people who love their clothes.

    Users can browse the latest styles photographed and uploaded by others. Designers can be tagged in the photos, and users can gain fashion influencer status. Modreal will be communicating with these influencers to provide intelligence for fashion brands. A dashboard allows brands to engage a target audience and receive constructive feedback.

    Founders Artur Minacov, AJ Ostrow, and Zachary Kain say this will be the next big thing in the fashion industry. Its going after the vibrant community of fashion-lovers and trend setters that wear both independent labels and big fashion brands.

    Modreal has so far received $15,000 of funding from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.