Elevator Pitch: Fashion Forward – realize your closet wealth

    Fashion Forward is a startup taking part in the fourth cohort of Toronto-based accelerator Incubes and is offering free local online classifieds across Canada for used clothing.

    Most people are only wearing 60 per cent of their wardrobe, says co-founder Melvin Constantino. So why not sell those hundreds of dollars of untapped wealth? Over one-third of online sales in Canada are clothing and accessories, for a total of $4.9 billion. The other co-founder Jodi Goodfellow was inspired to create the business after looking to sell items of her own fashionable collection online, but was disappointed with what was available.

    At the virtual storefront, designers and boutique owners can sell their clothing to the community. These storefront accounts sign up at a discounted costs. Fashion Forward offers social media integration and an easy user interface to create an item sales listing, and you can sell locally or ship to a buyer. Rather than build your own Web site, you can pay a small monthly fee to sell it on this established community.

    So far Fashion Forward has raised $15,000 as part of the Incubes program and it is looking for another $700,000.