Do’s and don’ts for social media marketers

    It’s one thing to do digital marketing for an up-and-coming company, but it’s another thing entirely to manage the online marketing efforts for an iconic brand that is almost 150 years old. After all, that legacy brand pre-dates social media – not to mention digital media in general.

    Last week, we had the chance to talk to Umang Shah, global director of social media and digital marketing for Campbell Soup Co., U.S.A. Speaking from the Digital Media Summit in Toronto, Shah shared some guidelines for digital marketers on how to leverage social media to the advantage of their brands.

    While Shah heads marketing for an established, well-known brand, there are some tips out there for marketers that apply across the board, he said. For one thing, it’s important for marketers to know and understand the audiences they’re trying to reach.

    “Audience is key. Everybody should start, when they’re building a strategy, with audience. And there are a lot of tools out there once you understand the small list of people, the finite group of people that you’re trying to reach as your audience,” he said, adding those tools tell marketers a lot about their audiences’ behaviours and motivations.

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