Digital signage solutions spur customer engagement, interaction

    At the Digital Trends Showcase in Toronto, the next generation in digital signage is about more than just displaying images – it seeks to be interactive and engaging. Adidas and its golf line of sports wear serves as the example in this showcase, and LG’s displays are used by the various solution providers.

    Here’s a list of the solution providers that create the technology seen in this video:

    • TechTAP is responsible for the vending machine with the liquid animation and the Adidas logo, which invites users to answer a short survey using a touch screen in order to receive golf balls.
    • Design Science and Scala partnered to create the double-sided, gesture-controlled kiosk that displayed Adidas golf tee-shirts with the wave of a hand.
    • Visionary Solutions created the putting green with video display,
    • ThruVu created the refrigerator door with a translucent video screen.
    • Vertigo Digital Displays created the display inviting users to strike a golf-swing post in front of a 72″ display.
    • Also involved in the Digital Trends Showcase were: Dot2Dot Communications, Coxcom Inc., and Shikatani Lacroix.