Published: December 2nd, 2013

Brian: I’m so glad I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to review. It’s the best smartphone I’ve ever tested.

Jeff: Some people still make calls with smartphones, and I’d look like an idiot holding that thing to my ear. My BlackBerry Z30 is 5”; that’s the perfect size, which is why it’s becoming so popular with manufacturers and users. Not too big, not too small. Juuust right.

Brian: Saying your screen “isn’t too big” just means you’re too chicken to embrace a radical new way to think about smartphones. Go big or go home I say, the huge display on the Note 3 makes everything I do on the go easier on the eyes and more enjoyable – whether it’s scouring social media, watching a video, or editing all the errors you make in your articles.

Jeff: J’acusse! You’d run out of juice before your article became free of errors. What’s the battery life like on that thing? All your useless little apps probably drain it pretty quick. I can get 25 hours of mixed use with the Z30 – that’s watching videos, surfing the web, sending emails. You know, being productive – something Android users wouldn’t know about.

Brian: Bigger phone means bigger battery, Jeff. Maybe it doesn’t last 25 hours, but last time I checked one day only had 24 hours anyway. If you think I can’t be productive on this thing, just wait until you see me edit a spreadsheet. It’s actually easy to glide through the rows and columns. Plus, I can even write in a complex mathematical formula using the S-Pen. All that adds up to some serious productivity.

Jeff: Please, we both know journalists can’t do math.

Brian: Something about games.

Jeff: Games? You want games? I’ve got car racing games. I’ve got flight simulators. And yes, my BlackBerry has
your Angry Birds too. And it also has productivity tools. Because unlike Android users, BlackBerry users work for a living.

Brian: I do a lot less work thanks to the voice assistant feature on my Note 3. It does everything for me: set alarms, send messages, make appointments, or launch apps.

Jeff: Let me ask you this. What does your Samsung behemoth have for security? With BlackBerry Balance, I keep my work data separate from my personal data, and it all stays secure. Do you even have a job, or do you just play games all day?

Brian: Samsung Knox is the answer to BlackBerry balance. It separates personal and business data too. And it offers app wrapping so each app I use for work is sandboxed. If you’re trumping up BlackBerry security features, go back to 2005 when people actually cared.

Jeff: Actually, mobile security is a very important issue for SMBs. And you know where I read that? On Last week!

Brian: Arghh, you’re impossible!

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  • Love to read this review on these two smartphones. I kind of like the Z30, as it has more perfectly size than the Samsung Galaxy note. As what he said, it’s too big to have it on your ear, so I needed to put my earphone to make calls. Anyways, all these stuff are great to have one.

  • Rockford

    That was painful to watch.

  • Jenny Kotulak Broker

    Thanks for the comparison guys. I’ve been a faithful BB user and haven’t moved over to the dark side because I’m a thumbs texter and haven’t been able to give up the keyboard. Yet I love the large screen on the Note 3. Being in real estate I text a lot and read a lot of emails from my phone. As admin for a Facebook real estate group with over 900 agents I can tell who are texting from iPhones, etc. SO many spelling mistakes. So what to do??

    • macy

      Stay with your BB and get a new BB10 device. The best virtual keyboard and the phone keeps learining with you.
      You don’t even need to type the fuul word, you just type a few letters and a few suggestions will pop up. All you need to do then is to gently swipe over the right word and there you have your work done for you!

      • Jenny Kotulak Broker

        LOL the very reason I hate to get away from the keypad is the mistakes people make. Just in your comment there are two of them. Typing a few letters and waiting for suggestions will slow me down.

        • Breeze

          you don’t need to wait. As you type, suggestions keep coming up above different letters.

          You have to see it for yourself. It’s Saturday tomorrow just go check it out! 🙂

      • Ziggyfly Jen

        It’s true. The keyboard just gets better and better the more you use it…it’s creepy sometimes how it seems to know what I want to say!!!

    • Vijit

      Get Z30. I have gone to the dark side twice. After the first time, I got the Q10 and could not understand why I had bought the Galaxy S3. Then I sadly lost the Q10 and got the Nexus 4 as a quick replacement. Why? No idea. Getting the Z30. Really miss the HUB and multitasking features that are unmatched.

  • jhon

    OH NO! show some emotions be realistic with these videos.