CMO Digital: Mobile World Congress hints at the future of e-commerce

    It’s episode 15 of CMO Digital and we’re recapping the marketing wisdom that came out of Mobile World Congress, hosted in Barcelona. As you might guess, the focus was squarely on where marketers are charting their mobile strategies.

    While Jim might want to be in Barcelona so he can enjoy the warmer weather and pluck a few ripe oranges off the branch, Fawn is interested in what the show is telling us about how customers will interact with brands in the near future. For example, Visa is moving beyond its traditional business of providing a physical means for payment in a credit card and looking at how it can bring its service to customers in a digital context. It’s even helping banks deliver payment capabilities through mobile apps, tying customer Visa card credentials to their smartphones. Jim chips in and explains how Host Card Emulation is the key to what Visa is doing here, cutting carriers out of the transactional picture for mobile payments.

    Mobile payments will soon be about more than enabling transactions on smartphones, Fawn explains. Pizza Hut is looking at a trial where you could drive into a parking lot and pay with your car – no need to even get out. Watch the video to learn where this trial is taking place.

    After recapping an expert panel that gives some prime examples of mobile marketing, and looks at whether its worth it for your company to develop its own app or not, it’s time for our shout out. This week’s goes to community blogger and founder of CrowdFundSuite Bret Conkin. His expertise on what’s disrupting the financial space has been a great asset, check out his blogs!