CMO Digital: Marketing resolutions for 2015

    In episode #8 of CMO Digital, Fawn and Jim discuss their New Year’s resolutions. Find out why Fawn’s cutting back on her traditional media advertising budget, while Jim is planning to get more active on his Youtube channel.

    Marketers are finally catching on to the fact that digital ads have a growing audience and hold that audience for longer periods of time. Find out why marketing dollars budgeted for digital ads will be a bargain in 2015.

    Youtube is becoming more popular with B2B marketers, ranking ahead of other online marketing tactics such as blogs and white papers. It looks like Youtube will be one of marketer’s favourite social media tools for the year ahead.

    Also don’t miss our shout out to Bryan Segal, who has a new gig as the CEO of Toronto-based Engagement Labs.


    What’s your New Year’s resolution for marketing? Let us know in the comments section.