CMO Digital: Campaign tracking with UTMs

    This week, on CMO Digital episode #12, Jim and Fawn are digging deep into the intricacies of tracking an online campaign by using Google’s URL builder and some analytics kung-fu.

    Marketers often have one place they want to drive people on the web, and myriad channels and methods to do it – ads on search engines, email blasts, organic posts on social, etc. How do they keep all those different approaches separate and know what is actually an effective use of their time? Enter urchin tracking modules – UTMs – to help campaign goal tracking. Fawn breaks down an example to show how this tool works – be sure to watch to see how it all works.

    Also, Jim has some new numbers looking at the growth of social media in Canada and it’s slowing down. Popular channels like Facebook are reaching saturation and shrinking growth numbers projected for the years ahead reflect that. What does that mean for marketers using it as a way to reach their audience? Watch the video to find out.

    Plus a shout out to Stephanie Sharpe and the Highroad Communications team, who do a great job of keeping us up to date on all things Facebook.

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