Bank reduces customer service call times with IBM’s Tea Leaf software

    SAN DIEGO – When Pamela Dancisin, the vice-president of marketing at Dollar Bank ran into a hiccup in helping customers create new accounts online, she knew her customer service agents needed better visibility.

    Dollar Bank, a retail savings bank that caters to the Pittsburgh and Cleveland marks, found it was having a lot of trouble helping customers using their website. Customer service agents had to ask a lot of questions about where they were on the site, what they were clicking on, what they were seeing, and it was a frustrating and cumbersome process. To address the issue, Dancisin turned to IBM’s Tea Leaf software.

    Tea Leaf allows Dollar Bank to dig into customer logs of activity on the website and to find specific users based on their usernames. Agents can do this in realtime, and follow along with a customer as the move through the website and take different actions. Every action is captured, so it’s clear where any problem is arising.

    So far the results have been impressive to Dancisin. There was a reduced call time and a reduced number of escalations to a manager. Plus, what Dollar Bank learned from Tea Leaf’s analytics led to benefits on the marketing side of its organization as well. Watch the above video to learn about all the details.