All Hands on Tech: Samsung Galaxy Gear

    The time for smart watches is here! Watch out for the Galaxy Gear. You’ve got to hand it to Samsung. This is a timely new product. Putting a new face on wearable tech. The Galaxy Gear is a wrist shot to the top corner.

    Ok now that I’ve got all the puns out of my system, let’s do this review.

    I’m not really a watch man. If I can check the time on my smartphone, why do I need a watch?

    But I’ve been having a lot of fun reviewing the Galaxy Gear. Strap it on your wrist and Samsung’s smart watch quickly shows its usefulness.

    The Galaxy Gear makes it more convenient to do certain things you’d do with your smartphone. It pairs with a Galaxy smartphone as a companion device.

    I can read text messages without pulling out my smartphone. And with the S-Voice app, I can even write back. That’s pretty useful in some situations.

    Having a camera on your wrist is also cool and spy like. It’s the quickest way to take a photo, with a couple of quick gestures. You can review the photos on your watch or on your smartphone.

    The photo quality isn’t great. But good enough to serve as reminder notes. Or to catch your colleagues in embarrassing moments.

    A recent update to the Galaxy Gear improves the notifications. Now you can read Tweets and see when you have new e-mail messages, among other things.

    Having the Internet strapped to my wrist at all times intrigues me. I like what Samsung has done so far with the Galaxy Gear, but it’s more of a novelty right now.

    That could change if more developers decide it’s time to punch the clock and develop apps that can help you with the flick of a wrist.