All Hands on Tech: Clipless

    Today, we’re checking out the Clipless, which its creators have dubbed as a mobile device mounting system.

    Basically, this means as a user, you can get access to your smartphone or tablet, hands-free, by sliding it into a plastic holder. However, this isn’t just your average smartphone holster. It has some pretty nifty tricks up its sleeve – or, actually, the user’s sleeve, as it can attach to clothing, flat surfaces, and wall mounts.

    And to make things even more interesting, the Clipless is compatible with near-field communication (NFC) technology, so when you slide your phone into place next to the Clipless NFC mount, you can launch apps and get your phone to work for you.

    The idea is that if you’re doing something that requires both hands, your phone can be strapped onto your clothing with these powerful magnets. For example, if you’re carrying a lot of groceries or files, it might always be handy to stick your phone somewhere accessible, like on your hip.

    Check out our full review by watching the video above, or read our written review over here.