CMO Digital: Reaching social Moms and building your community

    Welcome to the first episode of CMO Digital, the video podcast that seeks to save you the time it takes to stay on top of the latest online marketing news and insights every week. In our first episode, a look at two studies on how people use social media and what it means for your site.

    ShareThis recently put out its Wired for Sharing – Social Moms report found that Canadian Moms share more on social media than any other demographic in Canada. Moms like to share on social media in the morning, even though the general Canadian audience prefers to take to social media in the middle of the day. So think about when to post that message if it’s Moms that you want to reach.

    Tip of the week: Hold giveaways and discussions through social media to help build your community. Encourage your followers to mention your brand and you’ll be helping to build brand advocates that will boost your credibility.

    Plus, a special shout-out to Peter O’Leary, the new CMO of the Ottawa Senators.