It’s still easy to buy Windows XP from PC retailers

I won't waste time rehashing the argument over whether Windows Vista is any good. The fact remains that lots of people prefer Windows XP, and they'll go to great lengths to get it.

Published on: July 17th, 2008 Christopher Null

Loopholes to get Windows XP after the last call

It's last call for consumers to buy PCs pre-loaded with Windows XP.Most major PC makers and retailers will stop taking orders for consumer-oriented desktops and laptops with the older operating system by the

Published on: June 10th, 2008 Bill Snyder

XP SP3 registry corruption is all Microsoft’s fault, says Symantec

Symantec has said it was Microsoft's code that crippled some PCs after upgrades to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) emptied Device Manager, deleted network connections, and packed the registry with thousands of

Published on: May 26th, 2008 Gregg Keizer

Microsoft encouraging use of Windows OS – instead of Linux – on low-cost laptops

Microsoft is launching a program to promote the use of its Windows OS in ultra low-cost PCs, one effect of which will be to limit the hardware capabilities of this type of device,

Published on: May 13th, 2008 Agam Shah

How to do 15 common PC tasks faster – part one

Time isn't money; it's much more precious than that. Whether you're doing something creative like making a podcast or building a blog, or slogging through chores such as backing up data, removing viruses,

Published on: May 2nd, 2008 Lincoln Spector

Ten terrific things you can do with your PC – Part 1

Set up a Wi-Fi Home NetworkIf you've always wanted to be able to lounge on your couch and lazily surf the Internet, a Wi-Fi network is precisely what you need.Fast broadband connections bring

Published on: April 29th, 2008 PC World India Staff

How sophisticated buyers save $110 on Windows Vista SP1

Microsoft continues to give its tacit blessing for consumers to exploit a technical loophole that allows them to upgrade to Vista with Service Pack 1, even if they don't own the necessary prior

Published on: April 4th, 2008 Eric Lai

Microsoft to extend Windows XP availability for low-cost laptops

Click here to participate in Computerworld's Save XP Petition.Microsoft plans to extend the availability of Windows XP for low-cost laptops beyond June 30, with an announcement expected later this week, according to a

Published on: April 2nd, 2008 Sumner Lemon and Elizabeth Montalbano

Efficiency blooms at West Coast nursery with Windows Vista rollout

Not everyone hates Vista. In fact, for at least one early adopter-wholesale nursery company Norman's Nursery-the move to Vista has paid off, with fewer help desk calls and easier administration chores on the

Published on: February 22nd, 2008 Diann Daniel