Microsoft shares key details about Windows 7, Azure

Microsoft revealed a significant shift in its strategy Monday, introducing two new and drastically different Windows products at its annual Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. First, there is Microsoft's cloud-based Windows system, Azure, which

Published on: October 29th, 2008 JR Raphael

Windows 7 at the heart of Microsoft’s battle against Google

With the first public alpha release of Windows 7 due Monday at the Microsoft PDC2008 conference, the outline of the new operating system is taking shape. What you won't see when that alpha

Published on: October 28th, 2008 Preston Gralla

Microsoft promises to fix problem feature in Windows 7

Microsoft plans to improve the much-maligned user account control (UAC) feature in the next version of its Windows client OS, acknowledging that the new security feature it built into Windows Vista has caused

Published on: October 10th, 2008 Elizabeth Montalbano

Why Can’t I Open Vista’s Cookies Folder?

If you click Start, type cookies, and press ENTER, Vista tries to do what XP did: Take you to your Cookies folder, located at C:\Users\your   logon\cookies. Except that the Cookies folder isn't there.

Published on: September 29th, 2008 Lincoln Spector Vista Resources would like to offer you some valuable resources that will help with the decision or enable you to tweak Vista if you're already using it. Switching to Vista: 15 Reasons to Switch

Published on: September 16th, 2008 PC World staff

20 Vista Downloads to Tweak and Improve Your System

For your convenience, we've arranged them into four categories: System Tweakers; Startup, Log-On, and Boot Tweakers; Vista Component Tweakers; and Miscellaneous Tools. So if you've got Vista and you're longing to make it

Published on: September 15th, 2008 Preston Gralla

How to get the best of both worlds – make Mac and Windows work together

One of the major selling points for Macs and Mac OS X Leopard these days is their ability to work well in a largely Windows world. Apple Inc. offers two ways to accomplish

Published on: September 11th, 2008 Ryan Faas

Dirty dozen: 12 terrible Vista features to disable

Vista, thy name is bloat!The latest Windows packs a lot of code -- more than any version of Windows ever -- and some of it is just plain unnecessary. All of that excess

Published on: September 8th, 2008 Lincoln Spector

How to boost your PC’s performance with Windows registry cleaning

Let's start with a little quiz. I say "Big, bloated, and full of errors." What do you say? Right, "Windows Registry." One more: "Messing with it is risky." If you guessed the Registry again, you pass. While

Published on: August 21st, 2008 Steve Bass

Skin Vista to Look Like XP

Your new PC came with Vista. Maybe your office deployed Vista. Or, perhaps, you got caught up in the early hype and bought Vista. Whatever the case, now you're stuck with it. Wish

Published on: August 4th, 2008 Rick Broida

Big businesses ignoring Vista, survey shows

Fewer than one in 11 of the PCs being used in large or very large enterprises run Windows Vista, according to survey results released Wednesday by Forrester Research Inc. Of the 50,000 enterprise

Published on: July 30th, 2008 Eric Lai and Preston Gralla

Answers to Vista Users’ Nagging Questions

I confess: I use Vista. Every day. It's the only operating system on my main computer. Vista and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the look, the built-in search tool, and the

Published on: July 28th, 2008 Lincoln Spector

Extreme interface makeover – How to tweak Vista so it resembles XP

Your new PC came with Vista. Maybe your office deployed Vista. Or, perhaps, you got caught up in the early hype and bought Vista. Whatever the case, now you're stuck with it. Wish

Published on: July 23rd, 2008 Rick Broida

Six significant Mac security flaws – and how to tackle them

Macs are immune from security threats, right? It's Windows we have to worry about. That water-cooler wisdom needs to be flipped on its head, security experts and IT managers warn. Microsoft has gotten

Published on: July 18th, 2008 Glenn Fleishman