Intel, McAfee link security to the chip

Nearly seven months after Intel shelled out US$7.68 billion for antivirus vendor McAfee, the two companies are offering a glimpse of their future.At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco Tuesday, McAfee will

Published on: September 14th, 2011 Robert McMillan

Continuous monitoring best weapon against ZeuS Trojan

It all started with a sudden spike in network activity from the machine traced to a user with the same first name as the company's CEO. The key question at that moment was:

Published on: June 21st, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Trojan steals virtual currency Bitcoin, Symantec says

Security firm Symantec is warning that more people may end up like Bitcoin user "Allinvain" and find their Bitcoin digital wallets pilfered by malicious hackers.Symantec recently discovered a Trojan called Infostealer.Coinbit lurking on

Published on: June 20th, 2011 Ian Paul

2011: The year that big name companies got owned

By Claudiu Popa There’s little sense in waiting until the end of the year. We know that the headline will likely say something to that effect. The question is, why now?  Comodo is

Published on: April 5th, 2011 Claudiu Popa

Video Rewind: The perils of making friends on Facebook

With Facebook's recent release of new security features and then the news of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page being hacked, we thought we might replay this video of senior reporter Brian Jackson

Published on: January 27th, 2011 ITBusiness Staff fake antivirus worm spreads across Twitter

By Tony Bradley Twitter and Twitter users are being targeted by a malicious worm. The worm sends out tweets with a shortened URL link directed to a rogue antivirus application. The attack

Published on: January 24th, 2011 IDG News Service

Watch out for mobile malware menace in 2011

Perhaps one of the most common predictions of the last six years has been that mobile malicious software will suddenly proliferate, driven by widespread adoption of smartphones with advanced OSes.None of those prognostications

Published on: December 23rd, 2010 Jeremy Kirk

Video Rewind: How to start-up a security business

Security continues to be a major concern for businesses of all sized as they prepare for 2011. As security vendors and experts dish out their annual predictions for the coming year, we thought

Published on: December 23rd, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Watch out for these 5 holiday tech scams

The holiday shopping season is a great time to get tech products at discounted prices, but it also creates a golden opportunity for the Web's scam artists. The FBI, McAfee, the Better Business

Published on: November 29th, 2010 Jared Newman

Fight Firesheep hackers with this free tool

If the news of Firesheep--a simple Firefox extension that allows anyone to hijack social networking or webmail sessions over unprotected WiFi networks--has you worried, a free tool to protect you from Firesheep and

Published on: November 25th, 2010 John P. Mello Jr.

Spammers can be quite creative

By Mathew Nisbet Spammers will try anything to get their spam past your filters and into your inbox. We've seen many tricks involving random text hidden in the body, use of images, a

Published on: November 19th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Honeypot software simplifies intrusion detection

Intrusion detection is a complex business. Whether you deploy an intrusion detection system (IDS), or you collect and analyze the computer and device logs on your network, identifying malicious traffic in a sea

Published on: November 18th, 2010 Roger A. Grimes

Canadians need help creating ‘VIP lists’ for computer data

Whitelisting – or putting computer applications and e-mail messages on a virtual VIP list – is an effective security approach that Canadian small businesses and consumers need help with, according to the Public

Published on: November 16th, 2010 Brian Jackson

Cyber crooks step up attacks against SMB data

Hackers are on an “all out blitz” to seize data from businesses of all sizes, according to an Internet security report that states malicious Web sites have increased by over 100 per cent

Published on: November 15th, 2010 Nestor Arellano