In Brief-April 2006

KPMG pegs Canada as most cost-competitive nation TORONTO - Low labour and facility costs coupled with favourable tax rates make Canada the most cost-competitive nation to do business among the G-7 countries, according

Published on: April 13th, 2006 CC Staff

IT’s dirty little secret: Their jobs are the easy ones

TIG recently gathered three health care IT executives to discuss some of the most challenging issues facing their sector today. Case management has emerged as one of those. This is what Tim Beasley,

Published on: March 24th, 2006 Martin Slofstra

Where’s the money?

IT professionals will likely see a modest raise along with the prospect of a career path that doesn't necessarily force them to become senior managers, according to a survey released by Mercer Human

Published on: March 23rd, 2006 Shane Schick

Breaking the Bubble

Networking should mean more to CIOs than just connecting PCs; it's a way of building relationships and gaining different viewpoints and ideas on technology and organizational issues. Far too many CIOs fail to

Published on: March 23rd, 2006 Catherine Aczel Boivie

The Emergence of the Chief Service Officer

Very few corporations currently have a Chief Service Officer on their payroll, just five per cent according to those polled in a recent study.But as more product categories become commoditized, as product-based profit

Published on: March 23rd, 2006 EDGE Staff

Book Review

I was thinking about Niccolo Machiavelli while reading Beyond Reason, which tries to teach techniques for controlling emotions while negotiating.Machiavelli, who wrote provocatively about the use of power, might have approved of the

Published on: March 23rd, 2006 Howard Solomon

IT auditors fatten up their bank accounts

Starting salaries for information technology professionals in Canada are expected to remain stable in 2006 with a projected increase of 1.7 per cent this year, according to a recent study by a technology

Published on: March 22nd, 2006 Sarah Lysecki

RFID skills shortage on the horizon

“There are relatively few people getting hands-on experience right now. There are lots of people looking and following what's happening but there's a much smaller number of people who are directly involved,” he

Published on: March 22nd, 2006 Neil Sutton

Non-profit learns ABCs of computer literacy

A Canadian non-profit organization is conducting a national assessment of computer literacy and using an international standard to help teach fundamental IT skills.The Canadian Charity Association said it would put together what it

Published on: March 7th, 2006 Shane Schick

Sheridan gets a lock on IT security education

In 2000, almost 950 students were enrolled in various information technology programs at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ont. IT was in its heyday and technology was regarded

Published on: March 2nd, 2006 Patricia MacInnis

Do wireless networks pose health risks?

That's because president Fred Gilbert won't allow it until he's satisfied EMF (electro magnetic fields) exposure doesn't pose a health risk.Gilbert told Computing Canada he based his decision on scientific literature that indicates

Published on: February 3rd, 2006 Kathleen Sibley

Teaching hospital uses video over IP to reduce workload of instructors

While video over IP isn't new, the University Health Network is using it in a new way: to digitally record, replay and critique simulated patient exams.The UHN's Paul B. Helliwell Centre for Medical

Published on: February 1st, 2006 Vawn Himmelsbach

CompTIA rolls out RFID exam with questions on physics, design selection

The exam will focus on various issues associated with maintenance and deployment of RFID, including troubleshooting, tag knowledge, design selection, site analysis, RF physics and peripherals.Together with subject matter experts from firms like

Published on: February 1st, 2006 Neil Sutton

Ontario’s latest CCIO brings private sector-inspired sense of urgency to getting on with the job

TIG: What brought you to the public sector from the private sector?Ron McKerlie: The opportunity to make a difference in a real and meaningful way. This is a big job. There’s great size

Published on: February 1st, 2006 Kathleen Sibley