What makes Apple CEO Steve Jobs tick?

Published on: February 26th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

9 biggest tech stories of 2009

The Great Recession cast a shadow on all sectors of the economy in 2009. IT fared better than most, however, and the slump did not curb the dynamic nature of the industry. Acquisitions

Published on: December 10th, 2009 Marc Ferranti

Galileo was wrong! The world revolves around … Apple

All big companies have their critics. But what's interesting about Apple's detractors is universal surprise. Their disappointment often stems from finding out that Apple isn't the company they thought it was. So I'm

Published on: November 24th, 2009 Mike Elgan

Future Apple products will suffer from Jobs’ absence

First, a disclaimer, just in case you weren't sure: I'm not Steve Jobs's doctor. And I believe that all of us who aren't responsible for his medical well-being are in no position to

Published on: January 19th, 2009 Harry McCracken

Ten top tech fibs of 2008

Face it, everyone loves a juicy rumour. And thanks to the Internet, 2008 has been a banner year for them. As the year comes to a close, I've put together my top-ten list

Published on: December 30th, 2008 Daniel Ionescu

Microsoft stays in Eden with bite out of Apple

Microsoft's CEO said Wednesday that his company hopes to steal a page from Apple's playbook and change how it works with hardware makers in an attempt to duplicate its rival's success. In a

Published on: July 28th, 2008 Gregg Keizer and Carl Jongsma

Apple readies an ‘iTunes’ platform for the iPhone

Nearly overlooked in the hoopla over its new 3G smart phone this week has been Apple Inc.'s creation of an iPhone development platform, analysts said Thursday. And the App Store, the online mart

Published on: June 13th, 2008 Gregg Keizer

Rogers to release iPhone July 11, analysts weigh in

Businesses won’t line the streets for a chance to buy the new 3G iPhone the way consumers are expected to when it’s released in Canada July 11, analysts say.On the heels of Steve

Published on: June 11th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Twenty tech geniuses that changed the world

It's easy to look at a laptop, an iPod, or a laser printer as nothing more than a tool to get work done with or to while away your free time on, but

Published on: May 21st, 2008 Christopher Null

Microsoft licensing of Flash Lite offers heavy duty benefits to Adobe

After it was publicly scorned by Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs earlier this month, Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash Lite mobile media player on Monday found itself in the warm embrace of a strange

Published on: March 31st, 2008 Eric Lai

Steve Jobs unveils newest iMac

Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, Tuesday morning to present to a select group of journalists and other VIPs. “Today's focus is on the iMac,”

Published on: August 8th, 2007 Peter Cohen