SEO panic over Google Instant is overblown

Since Google debuted its new Instant search feature that starts returning results as you type, search engine optimization (SEO) experts have been in a tizzy. You’d think Google had replaced its organic results

Published on: October 1st, 2010 Brian Jackson

SEO lessons from the 'ground zero mosque'

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock it would not have been easy to escape the controversy over the proposed construction of a “mosque” at Ground Zero in New York City. The words

Published on: September 14th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Snap judgments on Google Instant

Google Instant may let you search the Web at warp speed, but the debate rages on about whether the new search technology is good for users and Website owners. Some fear that Instant

Published on: September 13th, 2010 Ian Paul

Google Instant alphabet results herald beginning of 'key letters'

Google has started rolling out its newest innovation in search – Google Instant. Users signed in to their accounts will be the first to notice the new feature, basically an auto-complete on steroids.

Published on: September 8th, 2010 Brian Jackson

Google experiments could limit competition for top search results

Google prides itself in its so-called “20 per cent time” philosophy that encourages the company's engineers to pursue their own projects for up to 20 per cent of their work hours even if

Published on: September 7th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Four surefire ways to create a Google friendly Web site

A corporate Web site is a powerful tool in a company's quest to win marketshare and influence customers. This is especially true for smaller firms seeking to expand awareness and sales of their

Published on: August 10th, 2010 Joaquim P. Menezes

Boost Web design and site traffic for free

Ever wondered how people get those cool real-time photo-linked timeliness on their sites? How about those crazy montage of jumble-up words or those fantastic looking graphs and charts? Must cost the publishers a

Published on: June 7th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

7 awesome ways to transform your Web site without spending a dime

Are you looking to add sizzle to your Web site, boost traffic to it, or amplify the buzz on the site ... but lack the budget, expertise or tools to get it done.The

Published on: June 7th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

SEO secrets to boost your Google Local rank

Scott Wilson thinks Yellow Pages made a deal with the devil and may have guaranteed its demise as a result. It's debatable whether Google Inc. is, in fact the devil, but one thing

Published on: December 9th, 2009 Brian Jackson

5 free or cheap Google apps for SMB success

If you're a small or mid-sized business (SMB) operator seeking a low-cost yet effective way to optimize your Web site, publicize your products, and track your site's performance -- the answer may be

Published on: August 24th, 2009 Nestor Arellano

Free or cheap tools for Search marketing success

The world of search engine optimization is awash with scores of tools that promise to make a marketers job easier.Wading through all these options can be a daunting task and not a few

Published on: June 12th, 2009 Nestor Arellano

Curse of the 10 blue links

Ten blue links is what most people expect to see when they look up a term on Google, but according to Tim Schigel, that's not really what they're searching for.The CEO of Share

Published on: June 9th, 2009 Shane Schick

New search engine offers visual preview, takes on top guns

A new search engine – recently released in beta format – will provide stiff competition to top dogs such as Google and Yahoo, its creators suggest. transforms the look of the typical

Published on: January 13th, 2009 Michelle MacLeod

How to improve your pay-per-click marketing strategy

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an expensive marketing strategy for many smaller businesses. Still, it can be a very effective tool for driving traffic to your site and making sales or "conversions."To embrace,

Published on: January 12th, 2009 Michelle MacLeod