Five new productivity tools for Google Apps

The constant evolution of Google Apps means there's never a shortage of updates to its suite of productivity tools. The last month was no exception, either: Among its many tweaks and new components

Published on: June 16th, 2011 Kristin Burnham

BlackBerry and Microsoft join forces on mobile search, maps

Microsoft's investment in putting its Bing search and maps in BlackBerry mobile devices by the fall holiday season pits Research in Motion and Microsoft against Google in a massive scramble for mobile search

Published on: May 4th, 2011 Matt Hamblen

Google creates algorithm to penalize bad customer service

Google has developed a new algorithm that will (hopefully) not reward businesses with bad customer service, a move made in response to a New York Times story about a business with a troubling

Published on: December 3rd, 2010 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

Google developing self-driving car

Picture sitting in your car, maneuvering through busy downtown traffic while talking on your phone or sending a few texts.This isn't a scene of illegal texting or phone use. Why not? Because the

Published on: October 13th, 2010 Sharon Gaudin

Yahoo to offer big bucks to hackers with good ideas

Yahoois considering investing in hackers with good ideas and technologies, a company executive said on Saturday."We are open to many ways of having a stake in creative young companies," said Jeff Kinder, Yahoo's

Published on: July 27th, 2010 John Ribeiro

Google provides a sneak peek into its upcoming Search tools

Google today announced improvements to two of its up-and-coming search technologies, Google Squared and Rich Snippets. The changes, while relatively minor, provide a peek at search tools that will likely become common in

Published on: January 28th, 2010 Jeff Bertolucci

Alibaba berates Yahoo for ‘reckless’ support of Google

Alibaba Group, the owner of Yahoo China, rejected as "reckless" a Yahoo statement supporting Google's stance in the country, after Google said it was hit by cyberattacks from China and may cease business

Published on: January 19th, 2010 Owen Fletcher and Jaikumar Vijayan

Top tips for ‘successful’ keyword marketing on Yahoo

Google may account for about 80 per cent of search volume in Canada, but that doesn't mean you can ignore Yahoo. It still pulls in 17 million unique users per month. Besides, more

Published on: October 22nd, 2009 Brian Jackson

Do You Bing, Canada?

Bing, which is the amalgamation of Microsoft's Live Search, MSN Search and Live Search initiatives, is marketed by Microsoft as a decision engine offering more precise results and less clutter than Google. A

Published on: October 20th, 2009 Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Yahoo search advertisers will be merged with Microsoft’s


Published on: October 20th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Yellow Pages listings opened up for mobile developers

Businesses with a listing in the Yellow Pages Group co. will soon have that listing shared with a slew of mobile applications after the Verdun, Qc.-based firm opened up its database last week.Mobile

Published on: September 20th, 2009 Brian Jackson

New Microsoft search engine Bing finds Google weaknesses

Microsoft made Bing, its new "decision engine", publicly available yesterday with a background image of hot air balloons lifting off in the countryside on the Bing homepage. It's a fitting image given Microsoft's

Published on: June 4th, 2009 Shane O'Neill and Brennon Slattery

“Google killer” search engine can’t find Brooklyn, NY

A David has just arisen to take on the Goliath that is Google: Wolfram|Alpha, a search engine which serves up formatted answers to questions rather than provide just a list of links. As

Published on: June 2nd, 2009 Barbara Krasnoff

Google conference aims to woo developers

Google will hold on Wednesday and Thursday its largest event of the year for external developers, a constituency that it views as critically important for the health of its business and online services.About

Published on: June 2nd, 2009 Juan Carlos Perez