Startup news round-up: June 4, 2012

Here's the startup news making headlines today on other Web sites and blogs. Calgary connects with Silicon Valley, putting tech incubators to the test, and deadlines loom for aspiring FounderFuel applicants.Incubator plugs into

Published on: June 4th, 2012 ITBusiness Staff

Toronto’s startup success celebrated too early

Toronto’s startup community has been somewhat deflated by a recent blog post from the Startup Genome project. The irony is that Startup Genome had been the source of that misplaced pride just several

Published on: April 24th, 2012 Brian Jackson

Web startup asks ‘How’s it going?’, seeks deeper meaning

Toronto-based entrepreneur Philip Powell always thought of himself as the last person in the world that would use a self-help tool, but now he's created a Web-based service that will do just that.

Published on: August 17th, 2011 Brian Jackson

Younger Canadians ‘like’ to follow brands via social media

The good news for SMBs trying to get their message out online?  Younger Canadians really “like” following brands recommended to them on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The bad news? They’re also

Published on: July 27th, 2011 Christine Wong

Auto Trader drives social media engagement with Meltwater

With the growing popularity of using social networking strategies to engage customers, more and more small and medium businesses (SMBs) are cultivating brand communities in multiple social networking sites. The trend, according to

Published on: June 28th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Measure your cool factor with Twitter Analytics

Twitter is like a high school popularity contest. How many followers do you have? Do they really care what you're tweeting? Feeding into that mentality, the micro-blogging service is slowly giving select users

Published on: November 19th, 2010 Brennon Slattery

Video Rewind: Digital signage metrics firm bought by Intel

Toronto-based start-up and digital signage metrics company Cognovision was acquired by Intel yesterday.In an act of seeming techno-wizardy, the firm uses cameras to track the faces of people looking at digital signage. The

Published on: November 16th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Tweet nothings won’t get you hard somethings, Google expert warns marketers

A multitude of marketers have jumped on to the Twitter bandwagon. But most don't seem to be using this tool in an effective way, a Google analytics expert laments.Avinash Kaushik believes there's too

Published on: May 28th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Top 4 questions you should ask about digital media metrics

One of the wonders of our digital world is the ability to measure anything.  The challenge remains in making sure that the appropriate indicators are being measured and that the data is correctly interpreted.

Published on: April 21st, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Global warming responsibilities lost on the Canadian ICT sector

Energy consumption is draining the bottom line, while heating up the eco-system, according to a new IDC study on the ICT industry's impact on global warming.The report, authored by Lawrence Surtees, recommends that

Published on: May 7th, 2008 Brian Jackson