Financial group uses next-generation firewall as data security vault

Western & Southern Financial Group had what it considered defense in depth for its IP network but recognized that there were still ways that sensitive data might leave the network undetected, so it

Published on: May 9th, 2008 Tim Greene

New EMC appliance blends storage and security features

A recently launched software package that integrates data storage with encryption and key management technologies may be a good option for companies looking for a single device that combines these capabilities, industry insiders

Published on: April 20th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

CEOs, senior mangers’ computers hacked in fake subpoenas scam

Panos Anastassiadis didn't click on the fake subpoena that popped into his Inbox on Monday morning, but he runs a computer security company. Others were not so lucky. In fact, security researchers say

Published on: April 18th, 2008 Robert MacMillan

Are signature-based antivirus tools dead?

Antivirus softwaremakes Greg Shipley so mad he has to laugh."The relationship between signature-based antivirus companies and the virus writers is almost comical. One releases something and then the other reacts, and they go

Published on: April 10th, 2008 Michael Fitzgerald

Malware threats have more than quadrupled

There was an explosion in the number of malicious attacks in 2007 conducted largely through exploits on social networking Web sites and browser plug-ins, according to Symantec Canada Corp. The computer security vendor

Published on: April 8th, 2008 Brian Jackson

New reputation tools foil treacherous Web 2.0 hack attacks

Reputation-measurement is one of the newer ways of blocking malware in a world where threats have grown more elaborate and cunning, and Web 2.0 has grown the audience for rich media.While the continuing

Published on: April 4th, 2008 Stephen Bell

MSNBC, other high profile sites compromised in massive hack attack

MSNBC Sports Web site became the latest victim in a string of hacker attacks that has compromised more than 26,000 other sites, according to a new alert by a Web security firm.San Diego,

Published on: March 20th, 2008 Brian Jackson

‘Mebroot’ is one tough rootkit says F-Secure

A rootkit uncovered in the wild in December is proving to be a real headache to detect, according to Finnish security company F-Secure. Dubbed "Mebroot," the rootkit infects the master boot record (MBR),

Published on: March 5th, 2008 Jeremy Kirk

As malware multiplies worried executives scramble for new ways to cope

More than ever before, the threat of malware continued to hang over the heads of enterprise executives in 2007. Further proliferation is also a frightening possibility for 2008, according to some industry participants.Malware

Published on: March 4th, 2008 Jared Heng

Old security threats wreak havoc in new apparel

Tights and skinny jeans may be back in style, but so are security threats of yesteryear. A decade ago, a Master Boot Record (MBR) virus could take down your computer. Now, hackers are

Published on: February 26th, 2008 Vawn Himmelsbach

Why Web 2.0 sites pose a security threat to SMBs

Even as social networking darling Facebook prepares a version of its online networking application aimed specifically at enterprise users, legions of security experts are getting behind the idea that the sites represent a

Published on: February 25th, 2008 Matt Hines

A seven-point plan for trouble free computing

Software conflicts, lost data and spam often mean tens of thousands of dollars down the drain in downtime and decreased productivity for most businesses.In the U.S. lost productivity - due to problems such

Published on: February 25th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

More Mac malware attacks expected

As Apple continues to grow its worldwide market share and the company's products find their way into more business environments, attackers are certain to follow and create greater volumes of exploits aimed at

Published on: January 22nd, 2008 Matt Hines

Hackers exploiting new Microsoft Excel bug

Attackers are exploiting a vulnerability that lies within several versions of the Excel spreadsheet program, Microsoft warned late Tuesday.The problem in Excel allows a hacker to create a malicious Excel document that when

Published on: January 17th, 2008 Jeremy Kirk