Six hot IT jobs that will keep you employed in an uncertain economy

Looking to find one of the hottest IT job tracks in today's downward spiraling economy? If you want to stay employed in IT amid the economic uncertainty, look for jobs in software design

Published on: July 22nd, 2008 Todd R. Weiss

Top 7 IT skills to give your career a lift

With the economic downturn on everyone's mind, assumptions about job security come under question, and everyone starts re-examining their skills. There are lots and lots of valuable jobs performed in IT, but some skills

Published on: July 3rd, 2008 Mitchell Ashley

Three tips on hiring entry level workers

What could be easier than filling an entry-level job opening? You just match the skills you need, narrow the candidates down to those you click with in the interview and then go with

Published on: May 9th, 2008 Virginia Robbins

EDS says offshoring great for profitability, promises to continue

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Inc. says its outsourcing strategy is saving it big bucks and announced plans to continue with it through 2008.The off-shore labour continues to be cheap, and talent available overseas

Published on: April 23rd, 2008 Brian Jackson

10 IT skills in demand today

Technology pros looking to find new work or secure their current jobs should get schooled on wireless, Web 2.0 and virtualization while also boning up on business basics. "IT professionals with the right

Published on: April 21st, 2008 Denise Dubie

IT careers market still hot in Canada, despite cooling US economy

Individuals with Web development skills in Java, Oracle, SQL and .Net were in hot demand, as Canada's IT job market posted record growth in 2007, says a technology staffing firm.The local demand for

Published on: March 26th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Today’s hot IT skills and five tips for acquiring them

The Web 2.0 phenomenon and developments in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space will trigger a demand for a new set of IT skills.Technology headhunters and industry insiders say IT professionals should be

Published on: January 31st, 2008 Nestor Arellano

IT skills supply starting to dry up

If your water supply was endless (and you didn't mind getting your feet wet) you'd probably just keep adding water. However, if you were facing a drought you'd probably think about fixing the

Published on: December 7th, 2006 Dan Thomson

IT skills shortage can be addressed

There is an IT skills shortage and an anticipated net shortfall in the next six years unless specific measures are taken to address the issue. John Boufford, president of the Canadian Information Processing

Published on: December 7th, 2006 Stephen Ibaraki