5 memorable Twitter moments as service turns five

At 4:50 p.m. on March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey wrote "just setting up my twttr." Five years later, Dorsey and his fellow Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams have transformed a neat

Published on: March 22nd, 2011 Brennon Slattery

Back up your Web mail account

Yes, we know--it's hard enough to remember to back up your desktop, your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet, and now we want you to think about backing up your cloud-based e-mail account,

Published on: March 14th, 2011 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

Cisco shuts down hosted e-mail product

Cisco Systems has decided to kill its cloud-based e-mail service Cisco Mail, only 13 months after it was introduced, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. With the growing acceptance of

Published on: February 24th, 2011

Make LinkedIn your company’s best friend in 4 easy steps

Visitors to Websites tailored more toward business professionals than consumers are increasingly choosing to log in using their existing LinkedIn identities, said social tool provider Gigya.In fact, whereas only three per cent of

Published on: February 11th, 2011 Katherine Noyes

Free version of Salesforce.com’s Chatter to roll out

Salesforce.com on Tuesday announced Chatter Free, a version of its social collaboration software that includes a Facebook-like "invite" feature that enables paying users to invite anyone, even non-Salesforce.com customers, to use Chatter. Chatter

Published on: December 8th, 2010 Chris Kanaracus

Are users ready to drop phones for videoconferencing?

In a famous exhibit at the 1964 World's Fair in New York City, AT&T Bell Labs demonstrated the Picturephone Mod 1, a small, oval device with a camera and a screen that allowed

Published on: November 26th, 2010 Stephen Lawson

Google inflates search rankings of own pages: researcher

Google appears to be backing away from a pledge that its search engine delivers unbiased results following new research that indicates the company gives itself top billing in many kinds of searches.Ben Edelman,

Published on: November 24th, 2010 Jeremy Kirk

Microsoft’s Lync server must prove it lives up to hype

Customers eying Microsoft's Lync 2010 unified communications server need to take a step back and evaluate what's really new and whether they need it right now, down the road or not at all,

Published on: November 22nd, 2010 Tim Greene

Facebook suspends app developers leaking user IDs

Facebook is punishing several application developers for passing certain information to a data broker in the latest move by the social networking site to control growing concerns over privacy.Facebook will deny those application

Published on: November 3rd, 2010 Jeremy Kirk

Three in four tweets ignored

If a Tweet is posted on the Web and nobody sees it, is it worth the bother?That's essentially the question social media analytics company Sysomos posed in a survey of 1.2 billion posts

Published on: October 14th, 2010 Bob Brown

SugarCRM rolls out white label CRMs, sweetens offerings with iPhone app

SugarCRM has repackaged its open-source, browser-based customer relationship management platform to make it easier for other vendors to put their own brand on products and services built with SugarCRM, the company announced Thursday.

Published on: October 1st, 2010 Peter Sayer

Spammers get the boot with Facebook’s new remote logout

Facebook users will soon have a new way of knocking spammers out of legitimate accounts.The social-networking company is rolling out a new security feature that lets users see which computers and devices are

Published on: September 7th, 2010 Robert McMillan

Facebook secretly adding unsolicited apps to your profile

When a piece of software is automatically installed on your computer without your knowledge, it's called malware. But what do you call it when Facebook apps are added to your profile without your

Published on: May 7th, 2010 Heather Kelly and Nick Mediati