Toronto patients test self-serve EMR system

Imagine patients checking up on their lab test result from the comfort of their homes, submitting blood pressure readings to their doctors without going to the clinic, getting prescription refill online and even

Published on: July 15th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Five tests to determine if SaaS fits your document management project

The pace of content growth and file sharing within, outside and around the corporate environment has made it increasingly important for large and small organizations to set up effective document management systems and

Published on: June 12th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

How to share your video with the world

Video is an extremely effective way to communicate with others--whether the video is a demo of your startup's new product, a video blog of your opinions on the latest iPod, or just footage

Published on: June 3rd, 2008 Michael Gowan

26 great things you can do with Google calendar

Desktop calendar applications are great if you're always at your desk or if you're diligent about syncing with your PDA or phone. But if you like to travel light, it may be time

Published on: May 22nd, 2008 Scott Dunn

Seven tech tips for travelling knowledge workers

This article brings together the best ideas offered by nearly two dozen readers who wrote to share tech tips from their international travels. When Stranded, Consult Your Internet Tablet"Last summer I spent a

Published on: April 10th, 2008 James A. Martin

Seven IT tools and tips for working effectively…anywhere

You never know where or when you'll need to get work done. With these tools and tips, your vital programs and files will always be along for the ride.For a while now, it

Published on: January 18th, 2008 Christopher Null

Live Document dead in the water without off-line capability

A hosted office productivity suite developed by Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia needs to sprout some off-line capability or it could drown in a sea of similar products, according to a Canadian technology analyst.Instant

Published on: November 24th, 2007 Nestor Arellano