Windows Phone 7 shortcomings become hot topic

The list of features missing in Windows Phone 7 -- no multitasking of third-party applications, no copy-and-paste, no native Twitter client -- has dominated forums and early reviews of reference hardware phones put

Published on: July 27th, 2010 Matt Hamblen

Dell’s Streak is smartphone with a tablet heart

After much teasing and a European launch, the Dell Streak smartphone has finally arrived here in the U.S. The Streak goes against the gradient, with its roomy 5-inch touchscreen and a design that

Published on: July 22nd, 2010 Melissa J. Perenson

Apple spends $171 to build iPhone 4, says expert

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 costs the company about $171 to build, a Wall Street analyst said today, giving the new device a profit margin of more than 61 per cent.Materials and parts for

Published on: June 30th, 2010 Gregg Keizer

Just how revolutionary is iPhone 4.0?

At today's announcement of iPhone OS 4.0, Apple unveiled seven major features in the latest version of its OS.Most of these additions came as no surprise--in fact, many were what we wanted when

Published on: April 10th, 2010 Ginny Mies

Layoffs leave countless desktops, laptops lying around unused

A huge amount of office productivity devices – including desktops, laptops, servers and handhelds – many with sensitive data on them, are gathering dust in vacant employee cubicles, stockrooms or desks. Pat Beemer,

Published on: March 11th, 2009 Lucas Mearian

Twittering a funeral – one misguided Web 2.0 media experiment

Media organizations have taken heat in the past for experiments with overhyped 'Net technologies. The LA Times "wikitorial" and the elaborate yet empty Second Life press bureaus spring to mind. Visitors to the

Published on: September 15th, 2008 Ian Lamont

Wireless/Communications spending

V. Wireless/Communications Spending One of the fastest-growing segments, with seven per cent growthTop areas are voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless data. Wireless security is No. 2. Research In Motion is still the

Published on: February 27th, 2007 ITBusiness Staff